Australia Day is fast approaching, and every Aussie is excited to celebrate. This 26th of January, be prepared to celebrate the day with friends, family, and fellow Aussies. Try hiring a car if comfort and convenience is important for you. You will find affordable car hire in our Sunshine Coast depot and other metros in the east coast.

Australia Day brings every Australian together, and the celebrations are festive and grand. Confused as to which events you should attend, or what colours to wear? We’ve got you covered, so you need not worry!

Attend an official event

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Decide what you want to see for the day – you and your family or mates can opt to watch concerts, fireworks, or parades. You can also choose to attend regattas, community barbecues, face painting, sausage sizzles, and musical events. There are so many options to choose from, as Australia Day is very much celebrated by the locals. What you really have to remember here is that you must do your research before going to an event – know the schedule, print a map, know what’s going to happen during the celebration, what colours to wear, and all that jazz. If you wish, you can even host your own party at home!

Simply wear “Aussie colours”

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It can be as simple as wearing an ensemble or colour that signifies your beloved country. It doesn’t have to be limited to just clothes – you can also use face paint, temporary tattoos, whichever you prefer. The colours red, white, and blue signifies the Australian flag. If you wish, you can even throw some stars in there. Eucalyptus green and wattle yellow stands for the past colour schemes, and the colours black, red, and yellow stands for the Aboriginal flag.

Visit a different city in Australia
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If you’ve been confined to your lovely city all your life, then it’s time to finally get out of your shell and explore the rest of Australia. Travel to a different city and discover the food, visit the well-known landmarks, or even learn their accent! If you belong in a large group and you need a car to travel, then try looking for a car hire in Sunshine Coast.

Whip up some wicked Australian meals
australian mealsUnleash the inner cook in you and cook classic Australian food for your friends and mates! Whip up some wicked Anzac biscuits, prawns, meat pies, and lamingtons. You can even have fun with it by making some cake with the kids and shaping those cakes into koalas and kangaroos! There’s nothing better than spending this special day with the ones that you love and care for.

Give thanks by sharing what you have

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This day is the best day to give back and give thanks to everything that you have. You can simply donate to a charity of your choice and help the less fortunate people, so they can celebrate the day, too. You can give your old clothes, shoes, and bags, or you can share some of the food that you have on your table. Always remember that good karma is just around the corner!

Watch the Australian Open

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Chances are your favorite tennis player is going to participate at the 2017 Australian Open. You can even opt to watch newbies and the underdogs! Make a clean bet with the whole fam for an even more exciting time!

Whether you’re going outside or celebrating inside the house with your loved ones, do not forget the real reason we are celebrating the event. Happy Australia Day, cheers!