Cars are apart of day-to-day life. They aid us in getting from A to B, whether it be to work or an amazing road trip. When Ferdinand Verbiest first invented the automobile, it ran on steam and was mostly used as a toy. Since than, all the mechanics of the car have evolved, and the technology has advance, yet there will always be aspects of the car culture that exists purely for fun! So without further ado, we give our top 3, favourite car world records of all time:

1. The smallest roadworthy car.

This tiny thing was made out of an old Post Man Pat toy ride, like the one you find in shopping centers. It measures 104.14 cm high, and 66.04 cm wide. This car includes blinkers, head lights, windscreen wipers, and break lights, all features that contributed to its Brittan roadworthy stamp of approval in 2009.

2. The most people in a car.

For every make and model, there is a different number of full grown humans that have managed to squeeze inside. Check out the clip of 22 people getting into a Mini Cooper!  Apparently, this is one of the hardest records to beat.

3. The largest loop in a car.

If you love stunts, then this one is for you! The loop measured 12.87m and was completed by Li Yatao in China in 2011.

There is plenty of amazing car world records being created and beaten each year. Whether you want to try your hand in becoming a record holder, or if you are happy just to sit back and watch it is a great way to remember why cars were invented in the first place…for fun!

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