Car sing-a-longs are not at all a new idea. In fact, songs such as 99 bottles of beer on the wall have been around for so long that the enjoyment they once brought to car trips has turned into an irritating drone.

So, what do you sing, if not the classics? We’ve got three new ideas for you to try!

If you have seen the movie Step Brothers, you’ll be familiar with the sing-a-long car scene. Their car trip song is Sweet Child of Mine. Why not pick your favourite song and get your travel buddies to learn the words. There are plenty of songs, like Bohemian Rhapsody that have special parts, however maybe try taking it a little less seriously then they do in the below clip.

If you can’t find a song that everyone likes, or if you have children with you, pick a childhood song like Row Your Boat, or The Ants Go Marching and sing it in rounds. This requires a little more attention to detail and increased concentration, which means time spent in the car seems to fly.

Third and final suggestion is to skip the signing part all together, and try a beat. If one person starts clapping a tune on one surface such as their knees, and someone else follows on a different surface you can get a really good tune going!

If you are stuck for song ideas make sure to check out our ultimate road trip play list. Car sing-a-longs may be old school, however with a little bit of editing and a touch more effort, they can be the perfect way to lift the spirit of your next car trip!

When you rent a car from Alpha, all the cars come equipped with an auxiliary (AUX) dock, a CD player and a radio so you’ll have everything you need to get your sing-along started!