When renting a car, you have to consider how many people and luggage it needs to accommodate. With that said, are you certain the car of your choice is the right fit for you and your mates?

Size Matters When it Comes to Rentals

They say size doesn’t matter. But when it comes to finding a rental car, it does. Because, if you get a car that’s too small, there might not be enough room. If you get a car that’s too big, you’ll be paying for space you don’t need.

With that said, ask yourself a few questions before picking out a car. Because a two-door sports car may have the horsepower, but it definitely won’t have the space to accommodate six people on vacation.

To help you find the best car to rent for any group, let this be your guide to the different car sizes you can find on car hire places:

Economy Cars

toyota yaris

Best For: Short-term travellers and travellers on a budget

Economy cars are small, compact and fuel efficient. That makes them ideal for people who are travelling alone or couples who only have a few bags with them. Economy cars can, comfortably, accommodate up to four adults, making it an ideal vehicle to rent for a small group of friends or families with one or two children.

Compact Cars

suzuki baleno

Best For: Short-term travellers with more luggage

People often confuse compact cars with economy cars. The best way to tell the two classes apart is their size. Both are small and fuel efficient, but compact cars typically have more space compared to economy cars. Like the economy car, compact vehicles can seat up to four people, but it can store more luggage with available space of 12-14 cubic feet, depending on the vehicle model.

Intermediate Cars


Best For: Families and small groups

Midsize cars can comfortably seat up to five passengers, with enough luggage space for everyone’s suitcases. It is ideal for families who want to travel longer distances with their children comfortably seated. What’s more, mid-size cars often have safety features that parents love as it can ensure them that they and their children will be safe.

Family Sedans


Best For: Families and Groups that want power, comfort, and storage space

If you’re going to have the best possible experience during your stay and your rental, then a full-size car may just be what you need. Vehicles in this class can often seat up to five passengers, and will often have nifty features like sunroofs, leather seats, and a good quality audio system. Renting a car in this class may require a bigger budget, but it will all be worth it if you are after style and comfort on your drives.



Best For: Families who want to go on camping trips and other outdoor activities

Sports Utility Vehicles offer the best comfort and space and is the perfect vehicle of choice for families who are looking for a weekend getaway to the great outdoors. The legroom is more than enough; the luggage space can fit all of your and your kids’ luggage plus camping equipment without getting overpacked. That’s why mid-size SUV car rentals remain the most popular class when it comes to families and groups of friends looking for a vehicle to hire.

8 Seater Vans


Best For: groups going on vacation out of town

This people mover is ideal if you want to take your family plus extended family out of town for a vacation. These vehicles can accommodate between 2 to 8 people and has more than enough leg room and luggage space for everyone.

12 Seater Vans


Best For: large group of vacationers

They say more the merrier, and with a 12 seater van, you can take up to 12 of your mates to an adventure of a lifetime. With these vehicles, you can expect everyone to sit comfortably and without hassle.

1 Tonne Utes


Best For: Moving objects, tradies who need a temporary ute

Utes are handy for businesses who need to deliver large items or tradies who need a vehicle that can also house some of their equipment for their projects while their regular ute is at the shop.

3-Tonne Pantec Truck Auto

moving truck

Best For: moving house

Moving houses is a big job. And for big jobs, you will want to have a truck that is up for the challenge. renting out a 3-tonne truck for moving day is essential to help you move your belongings from your old house to your new one with ease. Check out our truck Rental Sunshine Coast service.

Now that you have a rough idea of the different class sizes of vehicles in car hire depots, you can now better assess what you need before you book. To get the best deal and affordable rates, book your next rental car with Alpha Car Hire.