Camping creates cherished memories with your loved ones. It’s also an opportunity for everyone to become one with nature. However, a lot of people are hesitant to try it because of the hassle in packing and lugging your gear to the campsite. Luckily, there are hacks you can try that will help improve the experience.

Camping hacks you need to know

Improve the way you go camping. It’s amazing how a change of packaging and a little creativity can shift the way you camp. Now, coming up with these ideas for yourself is great, but if you need a little boost, check out these cool camping hacks to try for your next trip:

Sage in your campfire

When camping, one of the biggest offenders is mosquitoes. They’re pesky, and they bring disease. To prevent them from bothering you, throw in some sage into your campfire. Mosquitoes hate the smell, and they won’t come near your campsite. If sage is unavailable, you can also use other herbs like lavender, mint, lemon balm, and citronella.

Liquid soap+ cotton balls

Ticks are blood-sucking parasites. If you find one on your body, take a cotton ball, soak it in liquid soap and apply it on the insect. After a while, it will let go and come away with the cotton. You can keep the tick for a little longer if you want to test it for Lyme disease. This is important, especially if the tick is on your body for a prolonged period.

Chips to start a fire

Pack your matches and some chips, as they make for a great fire kindling. The oils on it make it easier to catch fire, giving you the perfect fire starter. If you pack enough corn chips, then you can use the rest as a snack as you eat around the campfire; giving you two uses for a single item.

Microfibre towels

When packing towels, choose microfibre towels. They are easy to fold, and they dry up faster compared to other towels. You can get them online at an affordable price. Choose to get as many as you need.

Pack duct tape the smart way

Duct tape has a variety of uses. It offers a quick fix to just about anything, and it’s waterproof. You can bring it with you, or wrap some around your water bottle ready for use during your camping trip. By doing this, you don’t have to take the bulky roll with you, instead, take a smaller roll around your water bottle. That way, you can take out a piece as needed.

Eggs in a water bottle

Eggs are a staple for any breakfast meal. However, packing eggs always have a risk of breaking. Prevent them by putting eggs in water bottles. Now you have scrambled eggs in a bottle, ready for cooking. This eliminates the need to pack whisks, bowls, or eggs in shells.

Meat in cabbages

Cooking meat over a campfire almost always causes it to burn. You can prevent this by wrapping the meat in cabbage before putting them over the fire. The moisture in the cabbage creates a barrier between your meat and the fire, preventing the burn. Now you can eat grilled cabbage and meat as your supper.

These camping hacks are easy to do and can save you a lot of trouble down the line. So, consider doing them for your next camping adventure. Of course, no adventure is complete without a car. You may choose to book a budget car rental in your local city to make your next camping trip a memorable experience.