For families who are living month to month on a strict budget, a family holiday is out of the question, especially if you are trying to rebuild your bad credit.

But once you’ve accomplished the rebuild, what better way to celebrate than a holiday? Of course, you’re going to want to do it on a budget. After all, you don’t want to sink back into the hole you just fought so hard to escape.

Luckily, you can plan a family holiday without having to resort to loans or emptying out your savings account. Here are a few steps to help you plan that budget holiday everyone will enjoy.

Watch out for flash sales


Subscribe to online fare alerts and be first in line for any significant fares you can take advantage of your holiday.

Doing this will allow you to get a better idea on how much you can allocate for your holiday if you’re planning a cross-country trip. There are sites like Kayak, Travelzoo, and DealBase that can help you find flash sales with ease.

Family Holiday packages


While planning your holiday, it can work to your advantage to keep your options open. That means, instead of merely targeting weekend schedules, consider going during the week.

If you have school-age kids, it’s best to do this during the holidays. So they don’t have to miss out on school activities. What’s more, prices for weekend trips are often priced higher as they are sought after the most, whereas tours on a Monday or Tuesday, are relatively more affordable.

You can find sites that can give you an idea on holiday packages and their price ranges like Groupon. Holiday packages usually cover everything from lodgings, journey, and food so that it will be less money for a better deal; which is a very appealing aspect for the budget-holiday-goer.

Consider off-peak destinations

off peak

In line with holiday packages on a weekday, take into account visiting a place during the off-peak season. That way, you can avoid the crowds, hefty fares, and more.

Consider visiting a ski resort in the summertime where you obviously can’t ski, but enjoy other outdoor activities, or even the beach early in the season while people are still making plans with their mates, you and your family will be enjoying the summer heat.

Less money spent, plus fewer people to bother you is equals to a great holiday.

Cut back on extras

There are plenty of ways you can help cut back on the costs of your family’s holiday. One thing you can do is find a hotel for you and your family that offers free breakfast. It might mean you will need to wake up earlier than you would’ve liked, but nothing beats breakfast you paid for in advance.

Another way you can cut back costs is by renting an apartment or holiday home for your family and cook your meals from there. That way, you can control what your family eats, and you will pay less for food.

Finally, you can get substantial savings when you hire a car for your family and make it a road trip. Consider booking an airport parking space if your destination is a lot further away. So you and your family won’t have to pay for a cab to get to the airport.

Now that you have a better idea on how you can save money for your next family holiday, gear up and have some fun.

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