2018 is almost over, but the cricket action is just getting started. What better way to continue the holiday celebrations than going to see the cricket game with your family.

The Boxing Day Test is a cricket match where Australia faces an international team touring the country. For this year, India will face off with Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It’s going to be five days of cricket action that no fan will want to miss. Here, you can catch your favourite cricketers go head to head across five days.

Aside from the game itself, fans can also attend the Indian Summer Festival during the event. It aims to bring cricket fans together and teach cricket fans more about the visiting team’s culture. Here, you can expect anything and everything you love about cricket, food, and entertainment that will give you a good taste of Indian culture.

The Festival commences on December 23 for the Bupa Family Day where you can meet and greet players from both teams, and again from December 26 to 27. You don’t need to book anything for this event, just come with your friends and family and enjoy the day with some great Indian food and cricket.

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