You may normally think that car hire is for those who are travelling on holiday or business interstate or for people who are moving and need to hire a truck, but this is not the case. Many people enjoy the benefits of hiring a vehicle for everyday use such as getting to work or travelling to see friends.

This may seem like a strange idea but it’s really quite a useful trick if you want to have the use of a vehicle sometimes, though you don’t need it all the time and so you don’t actually want to own a vehicle.

Benefits to hiring not buying

Why would you not want to own a car? There are many reasons; paying for registration and insurance are two big reasons not to want a car. After these, you have running costs including services and repairs. If you don’t need or do not want the use of a vehicle all the time, why would you want such expensive bills hanging over your head?

When you hire a vehicle you merely pay the quoted hire price for the duration you need the use of the car and return it with a full tank of fuel, you don’t pay rego, fuel or servicing fees. The running costs are not entirely your problem.

Why hire a car locally?
There are many reasons you may wish to hire a car; getting to work on certain days may be one of them. If you normally walk or catch public transport to work and the weather is forecast as particularly hot or wet for the week then the first alternative you may think of would be a taxi. But these can get very expensive, especially in peak hour traffic.

Another work reason you may find you need the use of a car is if you need to stay back each day for a period of time for meetings or to complete extra work. For women especially, travelling on public transport at night or walking on their own can prove risky.

By hiring a vehicle for a week to ride out the bad weather or get home late safely at night you relieve yourself of any extra worries that may come with either of these situations. The same is true when visiting a friend or attending a family function on a weekend or weekday.

If there are no lifts available and no spare beds to crash in, then a cheap car rental can be a fantastic solution. You can travel safely and comfortably home when you choose and not have to bother with public transport or expensive taxi fees.

If you would like to find out just how cost effective hiring a vehicle for your convenience would be, please call 1300 22 74 73.