Nothing beats a weekend getaway with just you, your loved ones, and the open road. They say that it’s all about the journey and not the destination, it is also nice to arrive at a place that allows you to relax after an entire day of driving and having fun. That’s what an AirBnB is for.

AirBnBs around Australia

Today, we have come up with some of the best Airbnb spots around Australia with the best reviews as seen on See what others have to say about these places before you decide to book for your vacation.

Tamborine Mountain Retreat [Tamborine Mountain, Queensland]


A great place to enjoy the panoramic view at all times of the day, and relax by the fire in the evening. And that’s why the Tamborine Mountain Retreat in Tamborine Mountain is the perfect getaway.

What’s more, guests noted that the place was spacious, making it the perfect destination for large groups and families with children who love to explore their surroundings.

Finally, guests felt that their host was easy to approach about their concerns, but did not hover over them. They appreciated this the most and said that it was one of the contributing factors for their return.

The Shed at Broger’s End [Berry, NSW]

The Shed is a converted farm shed. It has three bedrooms, seven beds, and 2.5 baths. Part of The Shed was transformed using recycled materials. They gave old windows and doors a new life and made it part of the building.

Guests were delighted with the serenity it offered. It also has a lovely indoor and an outdoor fireplace. There, you and your loved ones can enjoy each other’s company by the fire.

The Chapel [Nambour, Queensland]

If you’re looking for a spot for couples looking for a romantic getaway, then The Chapel at Nambour, Queensland is the place to go.

Imagine waking up tucked in bed with your lover, the bed facing your open veranda to a view you can only describe as a painting come to life, then you smell the fresh air wafting through. Life is great, and you wouldn’t want to change a thing.

That is kind of experience you can expect when you decide to stay at The Chapel. In fact, a lot of the guests recommend you make it a point to book with them if you and your SO are celebrating an anniversary or any other special occasion.

Terra Mia at Macedon [Sunbury, Victoria]

For folks who are looking for a home away from home, Terra Mia at Macedon is the place for you. It offers a vibe that makes you feel like you’ve lived there all your life instead of just a few days.

In fact, it offers a complete array of necessities including an iron, along with a washer and dryer, and even a laptop-friendly workspace for those who need to work while on vacation.

The location offers serenity that you can’t get anywhere else. Additionally, it is recommended for groups looking for a place to conduct business or a weekend activity with employees.

These are just some of the best Airbnb places to check out around Australia. After reading what other vacationers had to say, are you willing to go there yourself for a holiday? If you answered yes, then book a car hire service to make the trip as memorable as possible.

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