the simpson desert

Australia is a unique country in a way that it hosts a range of diverse environments from deserts, snowy mountains, and rainforests to coastal beaches.  Open roads curl around the country, making driving the best way to experience everything on offer up close, so picking where to go can be rather overwhelming! Here are a few of Alpha’s favourite scenic routes to get you started.

The Great Ocean Road

After spending some time getting to know the stretch of road that follows the coast from Torquay to Nelson in Victoria, you may agree that the descriptive ‘great’ just does not do it justice. The 400km of road that incorporates amazing coastal views, rainforests and adorable beach towns, restores the romance that exists between humans, and driving.

great ocean road

Savannah Way
National parks, old mining towns, heritage sites and lava tubes are only the beginning of what you will see on this road between North Queensland and Broome, WA.  Experience great Aboriginal sites as well as cattle stations where you can stay for a night or two! There is a great video guide on the Savannah Way.

Explorer’s Highway
This road starches between Adelaide Airport and Darwin. Passing straight threw the heart of Australia. The journey starts with the beautiful vineyards of South Australia before entering the Simpsons desert and ending with the refreshing rainforests of Darwin.

East Coast
The East Coast of Australia spans from Melbourne, Victoria to Cairns QLD and is the longest costal road in the world. With Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast all major stops along the way, an East Coast road trip is a great way to really experience Australia and is fantastic for surfers and beach lovers. But make sure to give yourself plenty of time to really absorb what this adventure can bring.

Jacob’s Ladder
Just south-east of Launceston, is Tasmania’s second highest point. At 1572 meters above sea level, Leegs Tor offers a beautiful and accelerating drive. At the end of the zigzagging road is a clearing with a breath taking view and a ski village, making it the perfect place to visit in the winter months!
winding road

The best thing about driving around Australia is that there is something for everyone. So pickup a cheap car hire from Alpha Car Hire and start your adventure tomorrow. Happy Driving!