So Christmas is over, the New Year has started and the holidays, well they just keep going. With two moths remaining in summer, it’s time to find some creative ways to spend your time, and maybe some of that left over Christmas cash!

If you love antiques, and have had little to no luck scrounging through your grandparents cupboards, then maybe, an explorers road trip is in order.

If you are located in Brisbane, then Ipswich should be your first destination!  Located only 50km from Brisbane, the town is home to the Antique Centre, located in a heritage building on East Street. They host a fantastic collection of Retro, Australian and English antiques from furniture to jewelry!

ipswich antique centre
Ipswich Antique Centre

For you Melbourne folk, you can find your Ipswich equivalent in the tiny town of Maldon. Located an hour outside of Melbourne, the Beehive Old Wares and Collectables will have you occupied for the better part of a day. In fact, the whole town of Maldon has an antique feel, with old school lolly shops and ice-cream stores still up and running!

So make the most of your remaining holidays, jump in the car and explore history, in the form of a teacup, a chair or pearl necklace this summer!  If you need a car hire, ute hire, or even a truck hire to get your findings home make sure you see Alpha Car Hire for our latest car rental specials.