Theme parks are a holiday highlight in Australia. From the ‘worlds’ of Queensland, to the Luna Parks of Melbourne and Sydney, there is a strong holiday culture that involves the wonders of roller coasters, sea creatures and stunt shows, that you do not want to miss out on. There is however a fine line between enjoying theme parks, and wishing you never passed through the smiling gates. Here are a few tips to ensure that you don’t cross that line!

The best time of the year to visit theme parks seems to be in the warmer months when the sun is shining and the chance of rain is low – make sure you pack sunscreen, hats and water. There is nothing worse then ending a day with sunburn and heat stroke and the consequences can out live the rest of your holiday. Don’t be fooled by a grey sky, UV is often higher on over cast days and will leave you red, and sorry!

Get there early! The last thing you want to do is spend half your day waiting in a long line to enter the park. Beating the crowds not only ensures easy entry, but it also means you won’t have to line up for rides once inside!

A day at theme parks can get expensive really quickly. With so many things to do it won’t be long before you start to get hungry. Avoid the extra costs of expensive, and not always appetizing, theme park food and pack some snacks from home. If you don’t want to carry around your bag, you can rent a locker for the day!

Plan what you want to do before you go. Often, you can get passes that give you a slight discount on entry to multiple parks or more then one day access. These only work out cheaper if you actually end up using it to its full potential. Check out the websites or grab some flyers and think about where you want to go before pay.

If you are organised, theme parks are a fantastic holiday experience for young and old. The atmosphere and adrenalin that are characteristic of the day are something you and your family will never forget! When you rent a car with Alpha Car Hire, you receive attraction discounts, so check out the offers and start planning your theme park adventure!