The Festival

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival highlights some of the best local, national, and international cabaret artists through a classic and energetic performance. It is  an annual festival that commences on the Queen’s birthday during the long weekend in the month of June – which is a good time to get a cheap car hire in Adelaide. With the festival rush going on in the city, you would want to make sure that everything goes well, most especially your transportation.adelaide cabaret festival

The festival’s founding father, Frank Ford, is also the one who started the Adelaide Fringe. The Cabaret Fest started in May 2001, with Frank noticing the artists joining the Fringe and travelling all the way to the Sydney Comedy Festival. He thought about creating an event just for those artists, and thus, the birth of Adelaide Fringe.

The Events


Enjoy the singers and songwriters sing their hearts out at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Some of them such as Gillian Cosgriff, Bourgeois & Maurice, Strange Bedfollows, and many more will present unique musicals that will make you laugh, cry, gasp, or be amazed. Make sure to catch them from June 9 – 24, 2017.


Of course, the cabaret would not be complete without the comedians. Expect hilarious acts from Carlotta, Effie the Virgin Bride, Murray Hill, Tina Del Twist, Pajama Men, Briefs, Bridget Everett, Three Mikados, and more.


If you are a fan of theatrical plays, then you will enjoy this one. Be touched by Linda Catalano’s immigrant stories and laugh at Ed Burnside’s drag shows and contemporary opera performances. Witness Andy Packer’s Vigil, which tells the story of Liz, a 30-something prodigal daughter who goes home to hijack her family’s Christmas.

Dance Burlesque

Dance with the burlesque stars and expect to see iHispanic Attack! on June 14-15, Out of Earshot on the same day, and Peter and Bambi Heaven on June 23 – 24.


Be prepared to be entertained by Alan Cumming’s antics, which is a world-renowned actor, singer, performer, and author. He is named as one of the most fun people in show business by Time Magazine, and an Olivier and Tony Award winning actor. Other performers are: Kim David Smith, Courtney Act, Second Wedding Singer, Lady Rizo, Reuben Kaye, and Catherine Alcorn.

Free Shows

Yes, there will be free shows at the event – YAY! See the artist’s portraits, dance at the Piano Bar at the Bistro, listen to the Live Broadcast, dance to the Late Night DJ’s spins, or listen to Art Stories.

If you are bringing a car, please take note that the Adelaide Festival Centre’s car park is permanently closed. However, you can park at their partner’s site, Wilson Parking. They will offer a discounted rate for Adelaide Cabaret Festival attendees, so make sure to check that out. See you and enjoy!