Luxury is defined as the state of great comfort and extravagant living and is something that occurs rarely in our day-to-day lives.  So it is important that when the opportunity arises you take full advantage and don’t look back! In the car rental business there is some pretty special cars available to rent. We did some research, and found the most expensive cars available that most definitely fit the definition of luxury to a tee.

At $1.3 million each, the Bugatti Veyron is the most expressive car in the world, so it is not surprising that it is also the most expressive car available to rent. At only $40,000 you could drive this super-fast car for a whole day!

bugatti veyron

Of course, $40, 000 is not within everyone’s budget, so why not try something a little bit down market. $3,200 will give you the same car Kim Kardashian drives, a Mercedes SLR McLaren for a day.  This car can go from 0-60 miles an hour in under 3.8 seconds and if you ask us, that is fast enough!

The Enzo Ferrari might be more your style. A unique model with only 400 made, this car brings together a racing experience with the technical expertise and at only $12,705.60 a day.

At Alpha Car Hire, we view luxury as the exhilaration you get when you drive to an isolated beach, pull into the driveway of a friends place, or explore a new city. For us, luxury doesn’t come from the car itself, but rather, where you decide to take it! So get a car hire in Gold Coast and experience its glittering beaches, or in Brisbane and experience the rich culture, or in Melbourne to marvel at its 19th century boulevards and fantastic art, or even to Sydney to feel the posh vibe and fashion. Have a little slice of luxury in Oz every time you step out of your comfortable and reliable car hire. Happy road trip!