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Newcastle is easily one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in Sydney. Amazing beaches, eight in total, as well as first class dining, and a shopping scene that will impress even the most seasoned shopper are just a few of the major draw cards to this city.

Its history is rich; the arts culture is wonderful and quirky. Awarded as one of the top ten cities to visit by ‘lonely planet’ in 2011, there really is a great deal of activities to do and places to visit. With this in mind, you need to ensure that when you arrive in Newcastle for your getaway, that you can gadabout easily.

Getting around in Newcastle

Naturally, in a city as populated and busy as Newcastle, there is public transport available. However, with public transport there is the downside of running to a timeframe that is not your own; you may have to change services once or more depending on how far you wish to go and it can also be daunting to navigate public transport in a city that you don’t know.

It is far easier to find a map of the area and get yourself about in a vehicle. This way, you can set off on your adventure at a time that suits you and you can head back to your accommodation when you are ready. Even more appealing is the fact that travelling in a car is a lot more comfortable then travelling on a bus.

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