Experience a comfortable sub-tropical climate all-year round. Take a short drive outland to warm, crystalline waters. Feast on amazing food from nearly any culture you can think of. Find more entertainment than you can consume in one stay. Would you believe if I told you that you can have all of this and more in one place? Yes, I’m talking about Brisbane.

If you’re thinking that it’ll cost too much: don’t. It won’t. Sure, you can indulge in the ritzy and glitzy side of Brissy (as long as you have the budget for it). But there’s a fab, fun, and down-to-earth side of it for budget travellers and backpackers to enjoy. Before you head out to Brisbane for your next frugal adventure, here are a few things you should know:

Never Get Lost

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You might not be comfortable taking out your phone. You might not have a GPS for directions either. Maybe you just like the feel of having good old-fashioned paper maps to navigate the city streets. Good news: it shouldn’t be hard for you to find a free map around Queensland. Yes, your read that right — FREE map. You can download one from the Queensland Government website and just print it out. You can pick one up from the Visitor Information booth where you’ll get all sorts of helpful information. If they’d run out, you can even check with your hostel. The reception’s bound to have a map or two that they’d gladly give you.

Home for Your Holiday

Speaking of hostels, you’re going to need a place to stay while you’re in Brisbane. Hotels and BnBs are nice but they can be quite costly. This is why hostels are your best bet! They’re comfortable, have all the amenities you need, and are fairly close to some of the best local attractions, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, and bars. While you’re in Brisbane, you’re going to want to stay in the YHA Brisbane. It is the hostel to be in. It’s a great place to meet interesting travellers when you’re alone, and has nice budget rooms for when you’re with your partner or family. Check out this article on 6 Reasons Why the YHA is the Best Way to Backpack Through Australia. You can even check all the recent TripAdvisor reviews people have about them and see just how many people believe that the YHA is the way to go.

Cheap Eats


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Take a ten minute walk or five minute car ride from the YHA to the city to find a myriad of nice little eateries, bars, pubs, and the adorable shops. If you want to have something delicious for less, try Little India in South Bank. It’s super cheap but homely and legit Indian food. Check out The Fox and their mouthwatering $12 meal specials every weekday. For all you vegetarians out there, head out to Govinda’s Vegetarian Restaurant at Stones Corner and enjoy a $12.90 all-you-can-eat combo complete with veggie puffs, soups, and curries. Those three don’t even scratch the surface of all the delectable budget eats you’d find around Brissy. Walk around and follow the sights and scents. You’ll find something to satisfy your tastebuds.


The good news is that Queensland has more hot and wet or cool and dry seasons rather than your typical scorching summer and wet, biting winters. You’ll experience warm summer months from December to February so you’ll have a blast making a sandman (not a snowman) on Christmas day. Bring an umbrella in January all the way up to March as it marks the cyclone season. Bring a raincoat too as these months bring highest and heaviest rainfall. Don’t worry, temperatures rarely drop below 20°C so you’ll be wet but not freezing.

Fall in love with crisp and cool Autumn days from March to May but don’t forget your lightweight shirts as you may still experience a few warm days ranging from 15-25°C. Enjoy brisk and cold mornings and mild daytime temperatures (around 11-21°C) from June to August as winter comes in. Find spring in full swing as September rolls all the way to November.It’s considered to be one of the best times to be in Queensland when it’s warm and sunny with cool sea breezes and autumn-like temperatures.

You’d be surprised by how many people forget to check the weather and climate in their travel destination. Don’t be be one of those people who gets stuck in heavy rainfall, freezing in a tank top. Always remember that in fashion it’s function before cool, so make sure your holiday wardrobe doesn’t just match the latest trends but is also appropriate for weather and climate. The better prepared you are, the less necessities you’ll need to buy on your trip.



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There are loads of festivals and events all year round. Thankfully a lot of them are budget friendly or are free entry. From going the only city beach in the world to checking out the State Library exhibitions and films, you have a myriad of things to do around Brisbane without breaking the bank. Check out this article 4 Free Things To Do in Brisbane which you can use as a starting guide. If all else fails, just drive around the city, you’re sure to find something for you to love.


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Public transport is one of the cheaper ways to get around but when you’re with children or in a large group, it can be quite the hassle. You’ll never be truly comfortable having quick and elusive toddlers in a train station. You, I, and everyone else knows that Taxis are too expensive. The best solution, get a car hire in Brisbane. It’s near the airport, you won’t need to get on an expensive taxi ride to get there, tolls won’t be a problem, your children will be comfortable and safe, and you can rent starting from $29 per day.

Brisbane on a budget isn’t just possible, it’s a way of life and a whole lot of fun. With a little know-how, your frugal Brissy adventure is going to be a reality. Hop on that car and drive off into the brilliant Brisbane sunset. Do it soon! You won’t regret it. Happy Travels!