Some people think that just because they have a child under the age of one means that they have to put their holidays or road trips on hold. With the right preparation, you don’t have to.. If you’re not quite ready for your little one to fly, you could always go on a family road trip. But, of course, there are a few things that you have to bring:

1. Fully Stocked Nappy Bag

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Even when you’ll be stopping for supplies somewhere along the way, you can never bring too many nappies. Sure, you can buy them elsewhere, but what happens when your brand isn’t available in your pitstop? Nappy rash isn’t fun for you or your baby on a normal day, how much of a drag do you think it will be on a road trip?

2. Baby Toiletries

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What are the typical things you use when you wash the baby or change his/her nappy? Bring them, bring them all — from baby wipes to nappy cream, to baby powder, to baby soap and shampoo. Whatever it is that you need to keep your baby clean and comfortable: bring them all. It’s better to be over packed with stuff than to have the little one suffer from a rash, excess moisture, or just overall discomfort. Remember, if your baby is having troubles, you’ll be the one to handle it.

3. Changing Pad
changing pads

Surprisingly, this is something that most people forget when they travel with a baby. Changing pads are a wonder. A lot of brands are hypoallergenic (no rashes for you little one!), moisture-proof, and antibacterial (lessen pungent odours even with spills). These wonderful innovation just makes changing time easy and comfortable for you and your baby.

4. Change of Clothes

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Again, all of these things to bring is for your baby’s (and in turn your) comfort. A change (or even multiple) of clothing will ensures that your baby stays dry and comfy even after spills, leaks, and changing accidents.

5. Car Seat

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Safety first! It’s an added layer of protection for your infant, not just in crashes but also “close calls”. Let’s say you’re driving has sped up a bit in a freeway, all of a sudden this car comes out of nowhere, causing you to a sudden stop. You’re going to thank your lucky stars when you look back to see your baby safe, snug, and still strapped in the car seat. Remember this is a mandatory requirement in most countries. If you are hiring a vehicle add a baby seat but be aware you may need to fit it yourself as it is often illegal for someone that works for a car hire firm to actually put the car seat in the car. Besides fitting it yourself gives you the reassurance your baby is safe.

Tip: If you’re booking a car hire from Alpha, remember that we offer car seats and boosters so you don’t need to bring your own!

6. Baby Formula/Baby Food/Drinking Water

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No matter how short you think your road trip might be, it’s still important for you to carry your baby’s milk formula or baby food. Even if you know there’ll be a stop where you can purchase it, you never really know if your baby’s specific brand is there. Remember that one time you tried to switch your baby formula and how messy it became in the changing department soon after? Now imagine that in a car, during a supposed holiday. Yikes!

QUICK TIP: If your baby still drinks milk, bring a portable bottle warmer. Trust me, it makes a world of difference.

7. Special Items

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It’s always good to bring something familiar for your baby. But remember that, in case of accidents, anything can become a weapon that could potentially hurt him or her. Bring soft, hypoallergenic toys, baby swaddle, or a comfortable blanket that you know won’t make the little one feel too warm, too cold, or too itchy. If you play sleep music or audio bedtime stories for the little one, you can bring that too to make it easier for him or her to snooze for an uneventful ride.

8. Plastic for all Rubbish
With all the wipes, snack packaging, and diapers, you’re sure to have tons of rubbish on your trip. Be environment friendly, and don’t leave a trail of trash along your trip! Just bring a couple of garbage bags with you and throw them in a proper bin when you reach your destination.

And there you have it — all the road trip essentials for your baby! Remember that under no circumstances should you ever take your baby out of the carseat to breastfeed in a moving car. Your body could slam into him or her and cause serious harm. If you must, pull over and breastfeed while the car is still at a safe area. Also remember that under no circumstances should you ever leave your baby alone in the car. Ever. Not even for a minute.