The best way to get around Brisbane is to hire a car and see the magnificent city at your own pace. Renting a car with Alpha will be economic and pleasant, but then what? Get your GPS set and start driving? You’ll be better prepared if you learn from the travellers who’ve been there and back. Here are the top nomads that have the insights and experience to help make your holiday a memorable trip.  

Caz & Craig Makepeace


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This beautiful couple and their two adorable children run Their drive along the pacific coast and stay in Brisbane are helpful journals that will enhance your holiday experience.  They go into great details about where the best places to sight-see, eat, stay, and explore are located.

Their website is a fascinating accounting of their travels for the last 16 years. They have the hard-earned travel experience and the generosity to help make sure your next holiday is as enjoyably memorable and financially sound. Whether you’re travelling alone, with family, on a work holiday, or on a budget, Caz and Craig is the ideal choice for advice to make your next vacation perfect from beginning to end.

Sam and Pete

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This charming married couple are all about the affordable luxuries. While Sam’s 2 day stay in Brisbane isn’t exactly encouraging, her contributions to making travel easy will benefit you not just in Brisbane but anywhere in Australia. Their road trip along the pacific coast (as with all their trips) is well detailed and feature great photo shots throughout their journey.

Their website has got invaluable tips when travelling on a budget. Get the trade secrets on how to get exceptional value on accommodations, dining, flights, car rentals, gas, parking, touring, and sightseeing; all in style.

Cole Burmester


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Cole, along with his brother Moss, inspire others to travel. They provide resourceful tips to make the most out of your holiday. Their ingeniously named website,, is after the pairs of flip-flops (jandals are sandals in NZ slang) that protect their feet on their world-wide journey.

Get the inside scoop on the healthiest, cheapest produce in the country and most appetising deep-sea treats from Brisbane’s farmer markets. Matching a healthy diet, learn about backpacking, scuba diving, biking, to snowboarding and other fun outdoor activities. Their well documented travel lifestyle is “stepping out of their comfort zones, in comfort.”

Craig & Linda Martin
Here’s a dynamic duo that offers something different. They run the that streams enjoyable audio commentary about the many places they’ve visited. Here’s the short but sweet stay in Brisbane as they toured the major Australian cities.

Craig and Linda travel and find the best practices in travelling for a living. Their insightful experience help not only in making sure you have a budget-friendly vacation but shows you where to find the latest opportunities to save even more. The Martins are generous with their travel discoveries so that you can learn from their mishaps.

The Bender Family

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Erin, Josh, Mia, and Caius have been travelling the world non-stop for over 2 years now. They discuss living and travelling finances and in different cities in Australia and about how they stack up against each other. Learn about the costs to visit or live in various places and countries. If you’ve got the budget and itinerary all sorted out, also compares the breweries and the finest brands of beer in Australia.

The Bender family travel as a party of four, with the loving mom, a really tall dad, sociable 5 year old daughter, and the 4 year old son to complete the circle. Travelling in even numbers has always been advantageous from getting seated at restaurants, transportation, and most accommodations. But for this beautiful family that’s been on the road so long? We’re sure they can make it work for them if they get another plus one.

Anthony, Travel Tart

a tart

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Meet Anthony, who runs the prolific and talks about all the fun and unconventional ways to enjoy travelling. This is not your traditional blog. He talks about the turbulent 2011 Brisbane Flood, frivolous cockroach races, and the decrepit Boggo Road Jail. Anthony’s travel Blog is filled with hilarious and eccentric posts that will entertain as much as keep you informed.

James Clark

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James Clark is the proud owner of He’s been a nomad for over a decade. In his abundant travels, he has collated all the finest online resources to help you plan your holiday excursion, weekend getaway, especially if it’s your first step to becoming a grey nomad.

His travel guide for Brisbane highlights some of the best websites to find all you need to enjoy the splendid Brisbane lifestyle. Get information on economical joints to exclusive fine dining and accommodations that will be a perfect fit for your budget. Find terrific shopping hotspots, lively tourist attractions, and the most enjoyable activities with your kids.

Spontaneity can help make your holiday memorable but you’ll want to be prepared for the travel details in your trip. For finding your accommodation, transportation, or activity hotspots, you’ll want to get better information from folks who have done it before. The top 7 visitors in our list are the best people to help make sure your holiday (alone, intimate, or with family) is a memorable vacation.

Remember that when exploring the ins and outs of Brisbane, booking a car hire in Brisbane is a good idea. It gives you the freedom to drive around wherever you want, and you don’t have to worry about bus or train schedules. It’s also an ideal option if your destination isn’t near any public transport hub. So good luck and happy travels!