If you’re anything like me, and by like me I mean someone who takes research laziness right down to an artform, then the words ONE STOP SHOP is everything. I like a great bargain as much as the next girl (especially in travel), but something that’s easy and seamless is definitely something to love. Think about it, you have so much to do, would you really want to spend hours and hours digging through the internet for the best bargains? NO. This is why I’m absolutely in love with YHA.

1. One Stop Shop Website

yha website

If you haven’t yet, check out the YHA website at https://www.yha.com.au/. From the hostels to car hire, to travel tour packages, to schedules for the best and most happening events; the YHA website is quite literally a one stop shop for everything from accommodations to where to go and eat. If you’ve ever just wanted to travel somewhere but you don’t know what to do: check out their website. They’re going to give you a few great ideas for entertainment.

2. Awesome Membership Perks
yha membershipEverybody knows that, as amazing as it is, travel doesn’t come cheap. This is why you spend hours searching on the internet for the best deals in flights, accommodations, food, and transportation. The beauty of becoming a member of an organisation that has ties across the globe is the sheer amount of discounts that you get in so many establishments. That 10% discount on YHA hostels and member rates on their local and international partners is pretty sweet when you want to spend more on the fun stuff in travel.

P.S. If you’re a family of travelers, kids under 18 can have member privileges free for one year.

3. They Care For Mother Earth
yhaIf you’re the type of traveler who cares a lot about sustainability, then you’re going to love YHA. Whether it’s carbon footprint, waste, water conservation, or even energy, YHA is committed to reducing its environmental impact and raising awareness to the benefits of doing so.

4. Location, Location, Location

hostels locationYou can find YHA here, there, and everywhere. They’re the largest backpacker network with more than 100 hostels across Australia and over 4000 hostels around the globe. But more than being present in over 90 countries, you can find them in the most convenient locations for travelers. More often than not, you’d find YHA locations near transportation links, shopping centres, and other attractions.

5. Holy Hostel!

yha australia bookingImage by www.booking.com

If you’ve ever been to the YHA on Sydney Harbour or Melbourne Central, then you know what I’m talking about. Considering the fact that hostels are one of the cheapest (and for some, most basic) accommodation options for travelers,YHA’s are works of art. Fully equipped kitchens, cosy common areas, nicely lit facilities — you wouldn’t believe that these are hostels. Even their private rooms give a lot to be desired: speaker dock and alarm, coffee/tea facilities, comfortable bed, nicely fitted ¾ bathroom — you’d think that the YHA was more hotel than hostel.

6. Amazing People

You have got to love the staff: not only are they warm and welcoming, but they’re also happy to let you in on a few local secrets you’d definitely want to know. Nothing better than a local’s perspective on where to go, what to do, and (most importantly for me) where to eat in the area.

From price to convenience, to experience; you’ll love how pleasant and easy the YHA hostels are. To make your travels easier, get a comfortable, convenient and affordable car hire from Alpha.