Can you escape?

In Melbourne, with so many things to do and places to see, the answer is “of course not”. But we’re not talking about escaping the city. We’re talking about the latest craze that made all of the flash games fans do air fist pumps as one of their gaming fantasies turns into reality: live action escape games.

Escape game started out as an online single-location adventure game where the player has to break out of some form of room imprisonment by checking the surroundings for clues and solving puzzles. This point-and-click adventure game became the inspiration for an impressive integration of fantasy and reality. It turned out to be the biggest thing since lasertag in the 2000’s. The good news is — there are 6 of them in Melbourne.

Virtual Room Escape VS Real Life
Interestingly enough, there’d been as much concern as there was interest for the “safety” and the degree of fear and danger that would be put into the live action escape game. While the escape room video games typically involve situations which could actually harm you in the game, the live action offers more of an immersive theatre experience. Unlike its virtual counterpart, live puzzle games won’t actually turn off the oxygen on you should you fail to break out of the room. The similarities of the video game and the live game are typically limited to the physical setting, the problem, and, of course, the time limit. So don’t worry: no matter what theme the room has, no one is going to chain you up and a mad man with a knife won’t actually be out to get you.

Escape Games in Melbourne

Escape Room

wall picturesImage by

Can you escape Melbourne’s original live puzzle game in 70 minutes or less? Assemble a team of two to six and solve quirky puzzles in a 1950’s themed room. To add to the mystery, the actual room is only confirmed on location (Flemington 3031). Yes, you won’t actually know where in Flemington the room is until you get there. Want to find out where it is? Book online in

Mine Escape

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From the makers of Melbourne’s original live action escape game, comes a different kind of nail-biting adventure. You and up to five of your friends have 70 minutes (like Escape Room) to solve mind-boggling puzzles to find the source of the fault that created a blockage in the mine. Just like Escape Room, the address is only confirmed on location (South Melbourne 3205).

TRAPT Bar & Escape Rooms

roomImage by Hidden City Secrets

The Basement in (377) Lonsdale Street houses wonder and terror. Bring a group of up to ten people to escape rooms in Transylvania, Wonderland, Biohazard, and Prisonbreak. After your adventure, head out to the TRAPT bar to either celebrate success or nurse your wounded pride over a round of drinks. For reservations, send an email to


puzzleImage by Travel & Lifestyle

Who says that only those who are 16 and over can experience a real-life room escape? Escapism offers adventures for people of all ages in their room named “The Garden”, a family-friendly Alice In Wonderland tea party themed escape room. They also offer rooms with chilling themes like Forensic and Butcher’s Burrow for thrill-seekers. Groups of two to eight have 50 minutes to solve puzzles to break out of each room.

Whether you’re with your mates or your kids, head out to Strike QV in 245 Little Lonsdale Street for a test of wit, gut, and an experience of wonder.


exitusImage by Meld Magazine

Exitus brings movie fantasies to life with five of the most theatrical escape room themes in Melbourne. Whether you want to be part of Casino Heist, Entombed, Apollo Mission, CSI Melbourne, or Prison Break; your dreams of being part of a movie-like mission will come true. Bring up to seven of your closest friends to solve simple to complex puzzles in under 45 minutes to break out of the room.

Exitus is located in 23 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne 3207. For inquiries, send them an email at

Orz Escape
Have that real life game experience in one of Orz Escape’s chilling escape rooms. Can you break out of the terrifying Slaughter House or escape from the eerie Endless Dream in 45 minutes? Go to Level 3, 180 Bourke St in Melbourne to find out. Contact Orz Escape through

another room
If you’re planning on trying one of the escape rooms in Melbourne soon, bring as many people as is allowed with you. Having more people in your team means more eyes and brains working together to hunt for clues and solve puzzles. It also helps if you’re with a mix of men and women — better if you’re all from different backgrounds. Gender, culture, and even character play big roles in the way we see, observe, and respond to objects and situations. So bring your thinking caps, a little bit of patience, and a lot of enthusiasm for challenge. Remember, more than solving the puzzle, the point is to have a fun experience.

Take note that communication is key with your assembled team. Since you all have your own corners to scour for clues, it actually helps to say or scream (depending on the size of the room) out clues found and ideas on how to get out. It may seem ridiculous at first, but the ridiculousness of it all is half the fun. More importantly, keeping everyone up to speed increases your chances of escaping the room before time runs out.

Whether you’re looking for new and creative challenges, or just want to have fun with family or friends; the role-playing escape game is something you should definitely try. Just make sure to bring your wits, trust your intuition, and have loads of fun.

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