There’s a contender for Australia’s favourite Asian cuisine. Of course, Yum Cha and Chinese food in general will always be near and dear to our hearts; but there seems to be a new player in the game and it’s slowly its way to the hearts of Australians across the country. In case you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s Japanese cuisine.

Whether you’re going gaga for gyoza, you’re rushing for ramen, or you just want to sip on some sake; Brisbane has got it all. But the sheer amount of amazing Japanese restaurants in Brisbane can be overwhelming, so here are our top favourites for you to try.

Sono Restaurant

Address: Level I Tattersalls Building Corner Queen and Edward Streets, Brisbane QLD 4000

Phone: 07 3220 1888



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Have a taste of Japanese fine dining in Brisbane in a tranquil rooftop garden, with exquisite views of the city lights reflecting on the Brisbane river. In case you were looking for an escape from the CBD’s hustle and bustle, this is it. Mouthwatering food, friendly staff, serene atmosphere, highly skilled chefs: head out to Sono, it’s going to be an exquisite experience in every way.

So you’re worried about the price, we totally understand. Try a lunch service instead of dinner, it’s comparatively cheaper but it still has the same incredible quality.

Quick Tip: Try the seared scallop sushi, it’s divine.

Bird’s Nest

Address: Shop 5, 220 Melbourne Street South Brisbane

Phone: (07) 3844 4306


While most people think sushi when you say Japanese food, some people have fallen under the spell of the amazing yakitori and all the bursts of flavor and bites of tenderness, charcoal-grilled to perfection in each piece in that skewer. The best part is that you get as authentic Japanese experience, from being greeted upon walking in the door, to the way the food is prepared. Sorry Japanese-fusion lovers, but the Bird’s Nest tries to keep it as truly Japanese as possible.

If you’ve ever ordered sushi at a proper sushi-ya before, then you’re probably familiar with the term “Omakase” (chef’s choice). Whenever you feel adventurous or you just want to taste the best of what this restaurant can offer, try ordering Omakase style. You’ll have a 7-course skewers, sake, rice, vegetable skewers, and dessert. It may not seem like much but trust me, you’ll be full afterwards.

Enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, fun service, and exceptional food at Bird’s Nest in Brisbane.


Address: Shop 2/146 Baroona Rd Rosalie, QLD

Phone: 07 3367 2808


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If you’re a sushi lover, then you know that it can get quite pricey. But you probably also know that kaiten-zushis (sushi trains) or as we some people like to call them kuru kuru sushi (sushi-go-round) are a little less pricey and are more casual. In Moga you get both the kaiten-sushi and the Izakaya (Japanese pub) experience. Try out their sushi train or order ala carte and pair with a selection of sakes, wines, Japanese soft drinks, cocktails, Japanese craft beers, or even Mogas own plum wine. Whether you’re going out for a drinks with friends, or you just want a fun dinner experience, head out to Moga. You’re sure to have a great time.

Quick Tip: If what you want is meant to be fried or broiled, order it ala carte. Remember that one go around the sushi belt and fried or broiled food lose their freshness.

And there you have it, our favourite Japanese restaurants around Brissy. Have you been to any of these places or do you have other favourites? Share that info and share the Jap-food love on our Facebook page!

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