We all love a good scare every now and then. Horror movies, ghost stories, scary true-to-life documentaries – it’s all worth it, despite the sleepless nights.

Haunted places in Adelaide

We’re a long way from Halloween, but here are some of the most haunted places in Adelaide. If you are planning a visit, then make sure book a car rental in Adelaide.

Martindale Hall

old photograph of peopleImage credits to adelaidenow.com

Have you seen the Australian cult classic “Picnic at Hanging Rock”? If you have, then this place might look familiar to you. As the movie featured the inside of the Martindale Hall.

You can book a guided ghost tour if you’re up for some ghost hunting, or you can even book a room to sleep in – that is – if you can even sleep while you are there.

Adelaide Arcade
long spooky hallway

Image credits to weekendnotes.com

The Adelaide Arcade was one of the very first retail centres with electricity in Adelaide. However, what started as a tech-savvy building immediately became dark and haunted.

Francis Cluney, the arcade’s caretaker at that time, was fixing a broken light when he fell into the generator and died. From that moment up until this day, it is said that his ghost wanders around upstairs. Perhaps he still hasn’t moved on from watching the building.

Meanwhile, Brigette Kennedy Byron’s ghost roams the halls. Legend has it that she killed her child and then herself.

Port Adelaide
port adelaide

Image credits to ghost-crime-tours.com.au

Otherwise called “Port Misery”, Port Adelaide is the host of a lot of murder cases. It has been around since 1836, and scary stories such as the one with Chinese sailor Lee Pao will give you the goosies.

He was found dead with three nails to the head. To this day, he is roaming around the port. The body of “Broadway Kate” was also found in the Port, almost unclothed and lying on a mattress – however, no one knows how she was killed.

It’s still unsolved up until this day, which may be the reason why her ghost is still roaming around the area, looking for some closure.

It’s always fun to go ghost hunting and hear classic horror stories. However, everyone needs to be careful and respect the spirits of these people, so having a guide during your tour definitely wouldn’t hurt. Enjoy and be safe!