Coffee is no laughing matter in good ‘old Melbourne. Like the Cubans, Italians, and Americans, cafes and the whole coffee culture is intrinsic in the Melbournian lifestyle.

The Melbourne coffee culture is not about just any ground coffee masked with sugars and syrups. It’s about picking out the best-roasted beans like a professional agriculturist.

Imagine macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, cremas, mochas, and all sorts of coffees meticulously mixed to perfection.

There’s more to coffee than just the ever favourite Flat White (although an impeccably made one is to die for).   You won’t find that many cities in the world that takes coffee as seriously as Melbourne does.

You would find great cafes and roasting houses in almost every corner of the city, with third wave baristas and caffeine gurus happily discussing syphons, clovers, pourovers, and cold drips.

It’s more than just a sip of java, it’s a one of a kind experience. To get a little more in depth, here are a few reasons why you should get a coffee in Melbourne right now:

Third Wave Gurus and Baristas

coffee in melbourne

Melbourne has got coffee down to a science and art. Coffee gurus could talk to you about different bean species, the best way to roast, the right temperatures and all things caffeine-related all day long.

Baristas will cater to your iffiest coffee requests and will make the one of the best brews based on your taste if you know how to ask the right questions.

If you think your espresso machine is fancy or that you’ve tasted the best coffee in the world, think again. Here are a few coffee terms to keep you up to date with the best brews and cafe linggo:

Pourover: Coffee finely ground to perfection then infused through a cone, resulting to a clean drink

Cold drip: A drip-by-drip brewing process (usually for 10-24 hours) to reduce bitterness. As the name suggests, your pressed cold retaining the unique flavours without the acidic oils found in coffee extracted at warmer temperatures.

Clover: One of the fanciest machines you’ll ever see. It gives you the most customisation for flavours and notes that you like, while preserving the unique characteristics of the coffee beans you use.

Syphon: Even with really trippy machine design, this brewer is more than just eye candy. Unlike the other processes, the syphon (or siphon) brews using vacuum function. The result is a clean tasting coffee which highlights floral tones.  

Community Vibe

The Melbournian coffee culture gives you a feel for what the local culture is like. You won’t find the best cafes in the form of big global franchises. The best coffee houses are the ones embedded in a neighbourhood with each cup giving you a taste of the warm and homey, or cutting edge and chic, or even timeless and romantic character of the locality.

Whether you’re a classic gentleman or lady, or craft and skinny jean clad hipster, or even a uni student paving your path to greatness, you’ll find a cafe to feel right at home in Melbourne.

Since the community is so strong around these parts, startups (especially good ones) are embraced and patronised. The small local cafes give you an authentic experience that chain stores can only hope to give and the locals are fully aware of this.

It’s not uncommon for you to find young entrepreneurs or sometimes even retirees starting cafes or other small businesses. With this, you’ll start to realize that in Melbourne, with a great idea and enough hard work, you can reach your dreams no matter what age.

If you truly want to experience a suburb or town around these parts, go cafe hopping. With so many transportation options like public transport, renting a car in Melbournebike rentals, and more; it’s easy to discover hidden treasures.

From the coffee to food, to interior, to the people serving you, there’s no better way to discover Melbourne that with an exquisite cup of coffee.