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Reliable Family Car Rental In Australia

With so many exciting things to see and do in Australia, it can be restricting to stay in one place. Hiring a car is a more practical solution, allowing you and your family to see more of this beautiful country at a pace that suits you.

Alpha Car Hire has a large range of family cars available at rates starting from just $27 per day. And unlike other car hire companies, we don’t charge any upfront fees and provide a generous 500km per day mileage allowance.

  • Active Stability Control
  • Active Traction Control
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Auto door lock
  • Automatic High Beam
  • Cruise Control
  • Emergency Brake Assist system
  • FREE 24hr roadside service
  • FREE Standard Liability Protection

Why rent a family car?

A family car will not only give you and your family more freedom to travel, but it will also ensure you enjoy a more comfortable experience along the way. You will have more legroom, be able to travel at your own pace .

Travelling by car is also more reliable and stress-free than using public transport. Trains often don’t run on time which means you miss connections, while buses can be even more unreliable, especially during the peak holiday season.

Find your perfect family car rental for your travel needs

We offer family car hire in most major Australian cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Perth and Newcastle. We can supply a wide range of cars with features suitable for the following types of holiday:

  • Road trips – A road trip is a great way for the whole family to explore the farthest reaches of Australia. Alpha Car Hire can provide a range of family SUVs suitable for long road trips. These cars benefit from having high ground clearance, active stability control, active traction control and emergency brake assist to help keep you and your family safe during the journey. Our family hire cars also benefit from seating for up to five passengers and provide generous luggage capacity. So you won’t be limited to a few suitcases like you are on public transport. You will also have the space to bring the family pet along for the ride, so you and the whole family can enjoy the experience of a lifetime.
  • City driving – If you prefer a city holiday, then we can supply a range of competitively priced family cars to hire which are better suited to city driving. These cars typically have lower ground clearance than our SUVs and are more compact, making them easier to manoeuvre in and around town. Despite looking smaller than an SUV, these cars still offer enough space for up to five passengers to sit comfortably. They also offer plenty of luggage capacity and come fully equipped with in-car entertainment, including Apple CarPlay on some models, allowing you to keep the family entertained while on the move.

Our family hire cars come with a range of safety devices including; emergency brake assist, cruise control, active traction control and active stability control. Each family car also comes complete with FREE 24hr roadside service for complete peace of mind.

Benefits of our family car hire

Hiring a family car has several benefits over using public transport to get around. First of all, you can travel at your own pace and set your own itinerary. This will give you the freedom to visit the places YOU want to see and stay as long as you need to see everything.

This makes for a much more relaxing stress-free holiday because you won’t be tied to train timetables or reliant on busses. You can set off when you want, to wherever you want and travel at the pace you want. This is a particular benefit if you have young children because kids often get bored on long journeys.

Not having a car will also limit you to the places where trains and buses travel. This means missing out on some off-the-beaten-track destinations which can be much more fun and exciting. The places where buses and trains terminate can also get very busy during the holidays. So if you’re looking for a more relaxed holiday, a family hire car is the way to go.

So don’t compromise your holiday by keeping to the train or bus timetables, enjoy the freedom of having your own car and visit the places you want to see.

Book Your Family Car Hire Today

If you would like to arrange a budget family rental car for your next holiday, contact Alpha Car Hire on 1300 227 473 or complete the booking form above. We have offices located across Australia and offer one of the widest selection of family-friendly cars. All our cars also come with a generous mileage allowance and FREE 24hr road assistance for peace of mind.

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