Imagine waking up to an amazing view of the Kingscliff Beach every morning. A casual family breakfast at a cosy beach front cafe. Shrieks of both fright and delight as you and your children discover and become hands-on with some of our quirkiest local wildlife. An awesome ride on a wicked wave. A romantic Kingscliff coastline picnic under the stars. Imagine all of this and a whole lot more, without having to worry about the big things like air fare, car hire, and accommodations.


Go to our Gold Coast Family Holiday Competition page to enter the competition for a chance to win this beautifully packaged 5 day family holiday. Tell us what your dream holiday itinerary would be, and share your entry on Facebook with the hashtag #alphapicksharewin. You don’t need to have itinerary-planning superpowers for this. Just get as many of your friends as possible to Like your entry. Remember, more Likes means better chances of winning.

Join in for a chance to win a $3500 value all-inclusive holiday. No worries with spending for airfare, car hire Gold Coast service, or even accommodation. If you’re going to be spending your money, you’ll be spending it on all the fun stuff. Enjoy your holiday and good luck!

For more information, check out our Gold Coast Family Getaway Terms & Conditions.