Having your own car available whilst on holiday allows you to enjoy your holiday that much more – no looking for buses or taxis, no waiting for people to give you lifts. There are some things you need to consider though when making use of convenient rental car deals.

The Terms and Conditions

For starters, make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions of the rental and exactly what you are going to be paying for. Are there any limitations on mileage? Are there extra fees if you don’t refill the petrol? Do you need to list the drivers or can anyone drive? Not checking the fine print can leave you sitting with a hefty bill at the end.
Also check on the check-in times – if you return a vehicle late, you are likely to be liable for additional fees.

Getting the Right Vehicle
Cars differ in prices – choose the most economical car that will fit your needs. Before just going for the cheapest option though, consider how long you will spend in the car and how much stuff is going into the car. If you have a family of five, or if you are going off road, you are going to need a very different car from a single person travelling alone.

If you just want a car for travelling around town, budget friendly car rentals is likely to suit you down to the ground. An off road vehicle is going to take some thought.

Also remember that the bigger the car, the more fuel it is likely to consume. You also need to choose a car that you are comfortable driving. Make sure to find out whether you are renting a manual or automatic car – manual cars are the norm in a number of different countries.

See what added extras you can choose. A GPS, for example, is a good idea when you are travelling in a new location.

Book Ahead of Time
Alpha Car Hire offers convenient rental options. It is advisable, however, to book your car ahead of time to ensure that you get the car that you want. Be sure to complete as much information when booking as possible so that you get a comprehensive quote.

Make sure to get a booking reference and have this on hand at the airport. Also let the company know what your flight schedule is – they have a consultant who will collect you at the airport.

At the same time, ask about the discount offers that Alpha Car Hire has negotiated for their clients – they have arranged deals with various tourist attractions, accommodation and even hair and beauty.

Picking up Your Car
As an Alpha customer, you do not have to worry about fetching the car – a consultant will take you to it.

It is a good idea to check with your credit card company whether or not you are automatically covered for collision damage if you charge the rental to your credit card. It is very important to remember that if an accident does occur the rental company will still charge you for the damage. You will then need to recover these funds from your credit card company – this can take up to 3 months, all the while you are being charge interest.

Before taking delivery of the car, check it for body damage. Make sure that all the lights and flickers are working properly and make a note of the mileage. If you pick up anything amiss, report it at once.

Take some time to familiarise yourself with how the car works before driving off. Where is the petrol tank? How do you turn on the headlights, brights and indicators? Also make a note of the make and model of your car. If you don’t, you could lose it in a parking lot.

Handing the Car Back
It is always a good idea to fill the tank before you return the car. Petrol stations at the airport may be expensive so avoid them as far as possible.

Be careful to check whether or not returning your car early will affect the price you pay. Companies tend to offer better rates for longer rentals – if you cut yours off early, you may need to pay more. Returning the car late is also going to cost you so find out what time of day you are expected to return it by.

Check the car thoroughly before you hand it in. Check the cubby hole and boot to make sure that you haven’t left any items in the car.

Make sure that the attendant checks the car in your presence and that you agree to any damage that they note.

Check your bill carefully for additional charges and don’t be afraid to query those that seem excessive.

All in all, renting a car whilst on holiday can really enhance your experience if you are sure that you understand the terms and conditions.