Fly to your destination and arrive in the shortest possible time; take the train, sit back and relax; but take a car and feel the freedom and joy of the open road, the fascination of interesting detours, and the pleasure of frequent stops. There’s little that can compare with the happy luxury of being master or mistress of your own destiny, the ‘boss’ of your trip, the adventurer on a long road trip.

Of course, a long-distance road trip isn’t all good news. After you’ve indulged in the happy dream, someone is bound to point out the wear and tear you’ll inflict on your car, the extra depreciation those kilometres will add, to say nothing of the fact that your car might not be well suited to a long road trip.

There is a happy compromise. Alpha Car Hire says they speak with people every day who choose not to take their own car on a long road trip for the very reasons that have just been mentioned.

When you hire a car for a long road trip, you can choose the right car for your road trip purpose. You might decide to travel as two couples in one car; this requires a large car with comfortable rear seats and room for everyone’s luggage.

Another advantage of hiring a car for a long road trip is that you don’t have to drive the whole way. You might elect to fly to a more interesting starting point, do a circular drive from that point and then fly home again. This saves valuable time, but still gives you all the pleasure of the road trip.

Doing the Sums

Putting extra kilometres on your car can reduce its resale value. To calculate this, you can check the value of cars the same model and year as yours with similar mileage. Then add the number of kilometres you plan to travel, and check the value of those cars. Also, by putting those extra kilometres on your car, you will bring forward your next service, and also possibly bring forward more costly repairs and replacements such as breaks, muffler and transmission.

All things considered, Alpha Car Hire says there’s a strong business case for taking a hire care on a long road trip.

The ‘Joy’ Factor
One reason we take holidays and travel for a change of scenery is to enjoy an aspect of life that’s removed from our daily grind. Taking a different, special car on a road trip adds to the excitement and pleasure of the holiday.

It’s like eating at a nice restaurant. You might cook a similar meal at home, but in different surroundings, there’s an extra ‘buzz’. It’s the same with hiring a car for a long road trip, and the representatives at Alpha Car Hire enjoy sharing the excitement of people who are planning every detail of a special trip.

The Extras
The excitement factor is enhanced with the great range of discounts that come with hiring a car from Alpha Car Hire – for restaurants, holiday attractions and shopping. These vary according to time and place, but they all add an extra level of interest to a road trip. Check out all the possibilities for your special road trip holiday at or call 1300 22 74 73 to speak to a representative.