Hire A Truck!

Moving houses can be a long, stressful, and expensive task. Whether moving into a new rental home or a brand new house, the basics are the same – plan ahead and keep it simple. In this article we’ll cover a quick checklist of moving tips and take a look at the advantages of truck rental in Brisbane when planning your next move.

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As mentioned earlier – plan ahead and keep it simple. How exactly can you accomplish this? With 2 things in mind: pack early and finalise all arrangements. Boxes are a great way to sort your belongings as well as provide an extra level of protection if done well. The biggest plus to this though is it’ll give you an estimate of exactly how much room your belongings will take up during the moving process.

Finalise arrangements, in particular: notify all the relevant authorities of your new address, make sure all gas cylinders are empty and valves are open, sort through the garden shed and start using all food in the fridge and freezer. Don’t forget to return all books and DVDs to their relevant locations.

Once this is done, you’ll have to start thinking about how you’re going to transport your belongings. If you’re using a removalist you’ll need to book around five weeks out. Although seemingly convenient, removalists have the reputation of being overpriced and at times a little careless. As the saying goes – if you want the job done right, do it yourself. How do you do it yourself? Through Alpha Car Hire’s truck rental in Brisbane.

Truck rental in Brisbane is available for a mere $75 a day – plenty of time to move all of your belongings from one house to another. With a Mitsubishi Canter you’ll have all the tools of the trade such as: Hydraulic lift (for those heavy items), a 4 cylinder engine, air-con, CD player, manual gearing and power steering. Of course, for a truck of this size you’ll need to be at least 25 years or older to hire. If you are under 25 and hold a heavy vehicles license, you can still hire a truck with Alpha.

For more information on cheap car hire in Brisbane and truck rental in Brisbane, visit the Alpha Car Hire website or call 1300 22 74 73.