Most people love films, and a lot of us go to the cinemas on the regular. Whether it’s for leisure or something else, we take pleasure in seeing our favourite stories and characters come to life. This coming June 7 – 18, witness the world’s best new films at the Sydney Film Festival. See the star-studded premiere night, after parties, and Q&As.

The event will take place at the State Theatre, as well as in cinemas all across the City Business District, Newcastle, and more. More than 200 films will premiere during the 7th all throughout the 18th.

Sydney is a pleasant place to drive in, so make sure to get a car hire in Sydney to make the most out of your experience. We will discuss some of the best movies that will be shown for the Sydney Film Fest, and Newcastle is the first that we are going to tackle. 

The Films

Pop Aye

With problems at home and at work arising, Thana, an elderly architect, decides to take a road trip along Thailand with his long lost elephant. He was taking a stroll along the streets of Bangkok when suddenly, he noticed an elephant that looked like the one he grew up in rural Thailand with. Turns out, it’s the same elephant. He goes on and buy the elephant right away, and goes on an interesting road trip with it.

Ali’s Wedding

This is a story of Ali, a Muslim living in Australia, whose arranged marriage lasted less than two hours. It is based on a true story, and has an interesting plot and storyline.

My Life as a Zucchini

This Oscar-nominated stop-motion family animation tells the story of Zucchini, a nine-year old who was brought into an orphanage once his alcoholic mother dies. The film helps the world see how one would cope when faced with the same fate.

Ingrid Goes West

When a film stars Aubrey Plaza you know (most of the time) that it is going to be hilarious. This dark satire of a movie depicts how social media affects real life interactions. Known as a loner, Ingrid (Plaza), a social media addict, flies to LA to meet her Instagram idol. This movie shows the effects of being addicted to social media, which will bring laughter and reflection to its audience.

I am Not Your Negro

Samuel L. Jackson narrates James Baldwin’s famous words in this Oscar-nominated film. Baldwin is one of the most incisive commentators on race in the whole United States. This movie tells his journey on raising awareness and tackles the issues regarding the “Black Lives Matter” protests, which is one of the biggest issues in the USA.

The Teacher

This movie uses dark comedy to depict the story of a teacher who uses her power to make cutting points at society. Set in Czechoslovakia’s Communist era, The Teacher sends a strong message to everyone, young or old.

Over 200 films are about to be screened during the SFF, and we are excited to discuss and share all of them with you. Please watch out for part two!