Sunshine Coast is known for its clear water and glistening golden sand, the perfect surfing spots and comfy outdoor cafes. What many do not know is that the area holds quite a number of fun and exciting music festivals, where both the locals and the tourists come together to celebrate the gift that is music. Whatever your preferred genre is, you will surely find your jam in this place.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming music festivals in Sunshine Coast this 2017:

Gympie Music Muster

The festival is usually held every August of each year in the Amamoor Creek State Forest Park. It is an outdoor festival, and the bands featured usually play country music. It lasts for about 4 days, and you can opt to stay for four days and camp on the grounds, or just pass by and do a day trip. If you want the full experience, you must definitely try staying for four whole days. You will meet different people from different walks of life (tourists and locals included), plus you will get to experience Sunshine Coast’s amazing outdoor life. You need not worry, as clean toilets and hot showers are available in the area.

Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival

If you are more into art plus music, then the Maroochy Festival is definitely your thing. It combines such an awesome combo of eargasmic music and visibly satisfying arts, you will definitely find yourself dancing to the amazing tunes and gaping at the unbelievably good art work. There is only one stage and one main event, so you wouldn’t have to face the difficulty of choosing between a number of stages. The festival is scheduled to make a comeback on August 2017, so be sure to get your tickets early! It would be best to get a car rental too, as commuting to and from the location can be such a pain in the neck.

Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Festival

Camp under the sky and stars and choose between two equally awesome alternative main stages to watch your favorite artist/s. Speaking of which, attendees have the opportunity to choose between 150 artists singing songs from different genres. Enjoy an awesome mix of soul, rock, blues, roots and a whole lot more for a course of three days. The area also offers mini-festival rides and activities, so this event can now be enjoyed with the whole family!

Caloundra Music Festival

Bask in the Aussie sun and get ready to party to the tunes at the Caloundra Music Festival! A favourite of both tourists and locals alike, this festival has been in the scene for over 10 years now – and for good reason(s). The area is surrounded by the sea, so after dancing to the tunes and breaking a sweat, you can easily head on to the beach to swim and get refreshed. You can also bring your kids or your nieces and nephews as they have a dedicated kid’s area located in the Funky Forest. What’s even more interesting is that you get to choose from four stages – which hosts both international and local artists –to sing and dance your heart out to.

Big Pineapple Music Festival

There is, indeed, a large pineapple in the site of this music festival! People also battle it out and play dress up during the event, as the best dressed wins a certain prize. As you can probably already tell, this one’s definitely for the books, as it is a fun event filled with fun people. The lineup is always promising, too, as international and local acts are often set to perform during the festival. So if you are up for some fun and great entertainment, then definitely head on to the Big Pineapple Music Festival!

Have a great year ahead, and enjoy these music festivals!