kid snack

Eating in a car can be dangerous. Food stains, dirty hands and worst of all, indigestion are all likely consequences of not picking your snack food correctly.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Road Trip Snacks For Children:

Young children are prone to choking in everyday situations, let alone in the car where they are often out of your reach. Pick snakes that are easy to swallow. Also, avoid things like gum and lollipops which are held in the mouth for long periods of time. Kids tend to fall asleep on long trips and lose awareness of what is in their mouth.

Although it is nice to start an adventure with a trip, try and avoid high sugar snacks at the start of a road trip. Too much sugar leads to a burst of energy. In the confinement of a car, there is no way to expand it. This can contribute to unsettled behaviour and increase the chances of fights.

Whether you booked a car rental or are driving your own car, you really wouldn’t want pests to start crawling in because of crumbs. Messy food should be avoided, or prepared for. If there is a snack that you just must take, pack some serviettes or wipes to avoid it being wiped from hands on to the car seat! The last thing you want to do when you reach your destination is start cleaning!

Road Trip Snacks For Everyone:
Fruit is a great snack to take because it will keep everyone energized without the detrimental effects of too much sugar. However, it is important to remember when you are crossing state boundaries that you will be required to dispose of any uneaten fruit. These laws have been put into place to aid in the control of fruit flies, and it is important that they are followed.

Try avoiding heavy meals. Light meals, and snacks are earlier for your body to digest whilst you are sitting. More frequent small snacks will help you to avoid indigestion and also keep your energy levels from fluctuating too much. This is especially important for the driver, who needs a constant level of concentration. Nuts are a great example. They are high in healthy fat and protein and are also very easy to eat!

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