truck hire

Moving takes some careful planning and, of course, some financial outlay. Whether you are moving a home or office you will no doubt want the move to be executed as quickly as possible and with care.

Hiring a mover to do the job for you can certainly take a bit of the pressure off in regard to heavy lifting and getting on with your own daily activities, but the benefits of moving yourself with the use of budget friendly rental trucks far outweigh any benefit of hiring a mover.

Comfort, but at what cost?

Sure, enlisting the services of a mover means no strain for your back and more spare time for you whilst the move is happening. With the services of a mover, the process can be somewhat more comfortable and stress free, but at what cost?

When you hire a mover the costs can be quite high and if you are paying an hourly rate you could end up with a larger bill than you first estimated if anything were to go wrong and the move takes longer.

When you book a reliable truck hire from Alpha Car Hire, the prices are straight forward with no nasty surprises. There are no hidden fees so what you budgeted for is what you pay.

Often, when you move there are many other things to spend money on such as utilities, new items for the new home, bond and cleaning expenses for the site from where the items are being moved. The last thing a resident or business owner will want to try and factor in is an expensive mover.

Know your valuables are safe.
Despite claims, accidents happen and no mover can entirely guarantee that your valuables won’t be damaged, or worse, go missing. Regardless of whether it is a home or office to be moved, there will be items that can cost a lot to replace or repair.

When it comes to packing items there are plenty of sites you can find to get some good advice on how to pack and ensure that items are safe. Being the owner of the goods, you are no doubt going to treat each box and package as it should be.

Where movers are concerned, the items are not their personal belongings and so the same care may not be taken. The only real way to be sure that your items are packed and moved with great care is to do it yourself.

Moving in your own time, with ease
When you take advantage of cheap removal truck hire  from Alpha Car Hire you can opt to hire the vehicle for as long as you need; this is handy, especially if you are quite busy you may need to spread the packing and moving out over a few days.

If you were to use a mover, then this will definitely be a costly affair as  the days and hours add up, or even worse, you will be forced to rush the task in order to be prepared for moving in one day. This could leave you feeling exhausted and disorganised.

Moving yourself with the use of a hire truck not only means you can take the time to move over a few days; it means you will be less stressed as you have been able to move at your own pace and you have made sure that you have done it all correctly.

You don’t need to worry about your back either as hire trucks have a hydraulic lift so those back breaking items are easily hoisted up to the truck with no strain for you.

Free quotes and good advice
Alpha Car Hire has been keeping clients happy for many years. They will easily and happily answer any questions you have about their hire trucks or a ute if you feel that is more what you need.

Hire costs start from as little as $75 a day and trucks are automatic to allow ease of driving. If you’re moving and looking for an even better deal to suit your moving budget, you can consider moving during the week.

Alpha Car Hire offer 50% off the total cost deal for trucks hired from Monday to Thursday. If you’re moving a fair distance from the original pickup point then no problem.

Alpha Car Hire has offices in all states across Australia and organising a drop off at a different point from where you picked up is easily organised. If you’re ready to start planning your well executed move yourself, then get in touch with Alpha Car Hire today.