car rental

With the rise in the number of people living in inner city apartment towers with limited car parking space, there has been an increase in the use of rental cars. Some families with adult students living with them use public transport to access their work and university during the week, but at the weekend, having only one car available limited the movements of the young adults. Curtailing their social activities was not an option, and taxis were much too expensive, so a little lateral thinking was in order.

No More Weekends without a Car!

Being able to hire a rental car for a day or for the weekend was the solution. It is cost effective as usually there are two or three friends sharing the rental fees. It gives them the freedom to get around the city, out to the suburbs or perhaps down to the beach. With public transport not as frequent at the weekends as on working days, this saves travelling time and gives them maximum time to get out and enjoy themselves.

Hire cars are also an excellent proposition for holidays, especially if the destination is interstate. Distances between capital cities in Australia are huge, and driving from one to the other usually means at least two days’ driving and finding overnight accommodation. Savvy holiday families are now opting to fly to their destination and hire a car. Like the university students in the first example, they now have the freedom to explore a new part of the country and strike out spontaneously to any destination that grabs their attention.

If there are a group of people taking a holiday there is a double bonus, because many car hire companies now offer eight seater people movers in their hire fleets. Two families or a group of friends can save money by sharing the hiring cost of the vehicle. There is also the added advantage of having more than one person available to do the driving, so there is no danger of accidents from driving exhaustion.
Hire Cars Offer ‘Try before you Buy’ Option
For the procrastinators among us, buying a new car is often a long process before a decision is arrived at. A test drive is often not long enough for the motoring enthusiast to decide if this is the right vehicle. The perfect solution is to hire the same make and model, then drive it for a week or so under normal conditions. By the time the hire car is ready to be returned, the driver knows how the new vehicle will handle and can then make an informed decision.

There are so many occasions when jumping into a hire car provides the perfect transport solution, and it seems that the driving public is now on board. Car hire is happening much more frequently and for reasons other than business.