Going on a holiday an adventure to look forward to. With all the freedom you get, it’s a refreshing experience. You’re free from work, stress and all the busyness of a regular day. In fact, you could even get too much freedom that you might forget about your healthy food choices and end up indulging in whatever tempts your palate.

But why not? It’s during this time that you can enjoy wine degustation, go on a gourmet trail and practically taste something new every day – dishes that you might not get another chance to enjoy elsewhere, unless you come by this direction again. And most likely, without you noticing it, you have begun dropping your healthy diet and started gaining some extra weight.

How to Avoid Unhealthy Food without Ruining Your Holiday

It does seem that holiday and food go hand-in-hand. But if you’re really eager to maintain a healthy lifestyle even on holiday, maybe these tips can help.

• Maintain Your Meal Schedule
One of the reasons why people tend to have a different meal plan when travelling is because of the daily itinerary – activities and schedules that can mix up with your usual meal time. For instance, being out and staying up late can mean that you’ll be waking up late and eating breakfast at a later time. Sometimes you might even skip meals, making you hungrier and wanting to eat more the next chance you get.

To avoid this, take note of your daily meal schedule and make an effort to replicate this even when you’re away from home.

• Watch What You Eat
Being away from the daily pressures of life equals to being able to relax and loosen up. However, this doesn’t always mean everything. For your food choices, it’s okay to try something new, but don’t forget the food items that are on your healthy and not-healthy list.

• Watch How Much You Eat
It’s not just about what you eat, but how much you eat. Even the healthiest food choices can be found at buffet meals; you can always choose a portion size that isn’t too large. When having a good time and drinking out with friends, remember that a boomerang effect can occur when you’re having too much of it. Your plan is to enjoy the holiday, not waste it away. Too much alcohol or even other food items, for that matter, are items to be avoided.

• Resist Unhealthy Snacks
Especially when preparing for a long road trip, it can be convenient to drop by a shop, take several bags of chips and cans of soda, and stick with that for the rest of the ride. You’d probably think, it’s just for the duration of the road trip anyway. I wouldn’t be doing this or eating this kind of food every time. But even so, keeping up with a disciplined approach when maintaining a healthy diet is important.

What you can do instead is to buy some fresh fruits and other healthier food items that you can enjoy during the trip. Not only will it handle hunger better, you’ll also get added health benefits.

• Always Keep Something Healthy
Whether it’s an apple inside your bag, or some oranges or grapes in your hotel room, having healthy foods to grab on will prevent you from getting too hungry and then overeating. Even in the middle of the night, if suddenly you feel like eating, there’s something that you can reach for and enjoy, healthily.

You would also avoid having to wait for your meal time, in case your schedule gets jumbled or if you’re unable to find a place to eat at in the middle of a trip.

Aside from paying attention to what you eat, when you eat or how much you eat, you can also make time for some physical activities and be able to maintain your health regimen even when on holiday. Take advantage of the chance to explore your destination – go on a self-guided walking tour around city, have a splash and enjoy a swim at Streets Beach, or go sightseeing in South Bank whilst on a bike. However you want to do it, the best part is you enjoy your holiday and still get to burn the calories.