To tourists looking for the secret side of Brisbane, the inner city beach at Southbank is not exactly a big secret. It is Australia’s only city-centre sandy beach, where anyone can cool off in the pool and check out the city high rises, all at the same time. However, there are a great many other attractions that are not nearly as well known.

Brisbane is a relatively easy city to drive around. While there is still a lot of peak-hour traffic congestion, it is nothing compared with other major cities. For visitors, the best way to find its secret attractions is to grab a car hire in Brisbane when they first fly in, and drive a short distance to the inner city.

A list of must visit attractions and a good navigator will soon have them uncovering the secret Brisbane. If they prefer to park the car and walk, there are many heritage-listed buildings and quirky, scattered works of public art tucked away in surprising places. There are statues, sculptures, a mob of kangaroos made of scrap and possums and lizards climbing lamp posts.

Brisbane No Longer A Cultural Desert

No longer can Brisbane be called a cultural desert by those ‘upstarts’ from Sydney and Melbourne. The Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) has hosted Australian exclusive exhibitions by Matisse, Picasso and Andy Warhol and the building itself is an architectural work of art. What more can be said about a building that greets visitors with a statue of an elephant standing on its head? This million-dollar, 5.5 tonne bronze sculpture is a stunning and whimsical introduction to the delights inside the gallery.

Having a hired car makes it easy for tourists to travel a little further into the suburbs to enjoy the fabulous and unique Queensland-style houses. Built of timber on high stumps to get the faintest breeze, and surrounded by wide verandahs to keep out heat and harsh glare, the city’s early pioneers enjoyed many an after-dinner drink in their cool shade.

Hire Car Makes a Day Trip to Moreton Island Easy
The hire car will also get them to the Pinkenba wharf to take the boat to Moreton Island. A massive sand island of great beauty, Moreton Island is also the place to have a once in a lifetime experience with wild dolphins. Each evening they come to Tangalooma where breathless tourists wait in knee deep water for the dolphins to take fish from their hands.

There are many more secret and special experiences awaiting visitors to Brisbane. Alpha Car Hire has a shuttle service from the airport to their premises where tourists can pick up their hire cars. From there, these secret delights are just waiting to be found.