Golden, glittering sand like soft velvet beneath your feet; light sparkles through crystal clear waters crashing on the shore, gradually growing bluer and bluer, stretching out until turquoise touches hues of orange, yellow and pink on the horizon. Sounds like nirvana, doesn’t it? Want to know something amazing? You can find little slices of paradise like this scattered throughout Australia, each seemingly better than the next.

For those who need their regular dose of Vitamin Sea, can you imagine a better way to have a holiday than spending it wading through some of the most beautiful waters in the world? Enjoy the serenity of the Aussie shores and sail through the glimmering seas at these breathtaking locations:

Whitsunday Islands


Whether you’re planning a proposal, looking for a honeymoon location, or just want to take your sweetheart somewhere romantic, then you’ll love the Whitsunday Islands. There’s nothing quite as romantic as sailing through crystal clear waters, discovering the uninhabited gems tucked inside the Coral Sea and the Great Barrier Reef. Think about this: a romantic picnic under the moonlight and twinkling stars; cerulean waters seemingly melting with splashes of pink and orange as the sun sets; the salty sea breeze with each breath in secluded beaches; a serene stretch of green just minutes away from the shore. Trust me, you’ll never forget sailing through and discovering the majesty of each island.
The Great Sandy Strait
fraser island

If you’re looking forward to close encounters with wildlife then the Great Sandy Strait should be your next destination. Are you a lover of seafood? Go crabbing and prawning at Tin Can Bay or try your luck at catching coral trout, barramundi, sweetlip, mangrove jack, flathead, or whiting in the deep holes along Fraser Island. Pass through Maaroom, Boonooroo, Tuan, Poona, and Tinnabar and marvel at dolphins surfing the waves, stingrays and turtles gliding through the waters, and dugongs grazing on the seagrass. Laugh at the quirky egrets, ospreys, herons, and bluefoot boobies as they fly , chill, and play along the way. Skirt around the islands and sail to Platypus Bay where, if you’re lucky, you might just find humpback whales bringing their calves to the bay’s protected waters. You won’t get this kind of up close and personal encounter with wildlife anywhere else.

Sydney Harbour
sydney harbour

If you’re craving for that sailing experience but still need to be close to the hustling and bustling city then you should see Sydney by sail. From sailing under the Harbour Bridge to passing the incredible Opera House, to even sight-seeingsightseeing around Sydney’s amazing attractions; you’re going to love this unique tour of Sydney and hands on sailing experience. When you’re done, you can tour the inside of the city: explore its bushland, beaches, rock platforms, wetlands, and lagoons.

So whether you’re in it for the fishing, sightseeing, bonding with wildlife, or you’re just looking for your own little paradise on earth; get on the sailboat and explore. With everything that’s beautiful and wonderful in Australia, you’ll surely have an unforgettable experience.

Before you get to the sailing part, you have to drive to these beautiful locations first. Whether you’re coming from Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, or Sydney, book a car hire from Alpha for an easy and comfortable trip!