So, you’re finally moving houses, but you’ve got a dilemma – you do not know how to transport your stuff, and you have no vehicle to use. Well, that’s exactly what Alpha truck hire.

We have a wide fleet of trucks and vans that you could hire for your moving project, but our most affordable yet is the 3 tonne truck. It’s 6015 x 2300 x 2185 mm in length, width, and height, has a 3350 wheelbase, a mass of 2230 kg, and a fuel tank capacity of 100 L. Its features include a CD player, a cooling AC system, power steering, hydraulic lift, double acting shock absorbers, and 12mm turning circle.

Truck hire locations

Our truck can take you anywhere in the country. We want to make it convenient for everyone, so we have expanded and now cater to these branches and locations: Brisbane Airport, Brisbane – Moorooka, Gold Coast Airport, Sunshine Coast, Sydney Parramatta, Melbourne Airport, Dandenong, and Adelaide Airport. You can pick up and drop off your truck or vans anywhere in the mentioned locations above.

Price Beat Guaranteed!

We want you to stick to your budget, so we are making things easier for you. Our 3-tonne truck can be hired for as low as $79 AUD per day! Here are a few comparisons, just so you know how much you will save if you decide to go with one of our trucks:

Safety First!

If you are driving the car yourself, then it’s best to familiarize yourself with the vehicle first. Remember that you are driving a big vehicle, and not your usual moving truck or car. Know how to navigate every button, adjust the side mirror for better visibility, familiarize yourself with the parking brakes, gear shift, turn signals, lights, wipers, and pretty much every feature of the truck. You also have to take note that parallel parking and backing should be practised, as this, again, is a huge vehicle. Lastly, when loading your stuff, make sure that the heaviest items are in the front and on the floor. Use bubble wrap when wrapping your stuff, if possible.

Driving Tips

Stay safe by driving at a reasonable pace. You wouldn’t want an officer to stop you for over speeding, plus, you’re driving a big truck! Another thing to note is that you must always use your signals. This is common courtesy, plus driving a huge vehicle can create chaos when not properly executed.

Make sure that no vehicle is on your side, especially if you’re making a sharp turn. We always make sure that our trucks’ brakes and engines are well kept, but please do avoid tailgating. We never want any accidents to happen, so it’s best to give the car in front of you some space.

Most of our trucks are usually 2.0 meters high, so watch out for head clearance signs. These are especially important when passing a bridge or tunnel, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for those. Lastly, you might want to use a GPS.

See you real soon, and good luck with your moving project!