Today, September 1 is the start of spring in Australia, which means that spring cleaning is officially in the books.

Spring cleaning is usually done at home to remove clutter and other stuff that are no longer being used. However, your house is not the only thing that needs to be cleaned during this season.

Your car needs TLC too, as it can get dirty over time, especially if you are not fond of bringing your car to the car wash or cleaning it yourself.

Preparing your car for spring cleaning might be a no-brainer, but just in case you need it, we are giving you a checklist to follow.

Start by Sorting

Gather everything in your car and sort them out:

  • Keep your car tools together i.e. your tool kits, manual, and insurance documents
  • Tie your cables neatly and keep them in a box
  • Throw wrappers and food that you cannot eat anymore
  • Keep your umbrellas and sporting equipment inside the trunk
  • Place your navigation items such as GPS and maps inside the compartment at the front

How you sort everything out is totally up to you.

Throw Your Unused Stuff Away

At some point in time, you will realize that your car has become your second closet. You will put everything you can in there – your clothes, shoes, shades, books, and everything else in between.

You might even forget that they are there, and things become pretty messy whenever that happens. Get everything from your car and put them in a box. The next step is to determine which ones to throw away and which ones you should keep.

Throw most of the unused stuff. Especially the ones that are broken and are beyond repair. Keeping these things will only contribute to the clutter in your car, and besides, I bet you wouldn’t be using any of them at all anymore.

Designate a Space

Now that you have thrown out everything that you do not need, it is time to return the things that you DO need inside your car. This time though, make sure that you will be designating a spot for each and every item.

Keep the smaller items and your most used ones inside the glove box for easier access. Items that you seldom use such as umbrellas, car cover, shoes, and picnic blankets should be stored at the trunk.

Clean It, Literally

Lastly, you should clean your car after you finish storing away the items inside it. Get a car vacuum and clean the seats and the floor with it. Leave a car freshener if you want it to smell clean and fresh.

You should also give it a wash yourself, or if you are too busy to do it, then bring it to the car wash.

Spring cleaning your car will make it appear like brand new again, plus the feeling that it brings is priceless. Start today, and you will definitely thank yourself later!