It’s the most wonderful time of the year and, for a lot of people, giving presents is about as satisfying as it is receiving them. But sometimes, figuring out that unique and perfect gift for your loved ones can be quite the daunting task. With all the generic items that mostly look the same, you might end up scouring centre after centre trying to find that perfect gift.

If there’s one thing you learn through the years, it’s that unique items can’t be found in commercial areas; they’re mostly in local markets. Local artisans and vendors take pride in providing only unique pieces that are of impeccable quality, for affordable prices. Now before you go around saying “artisan work is expensive”, I’m going to tell you right now that is not entirely true — most especially if you know exactly where to look. Not sure where to get affordable locally made gift items? Check out these upcoming Christmas markets and bazaars, featuring local artisans and vendors:

Artisan Christmas Markets

10 Marie St, Milton, Queensland an infographic4064
December 13, 2013
8AM to 3PM

From milliners, to fashion designers, to jewelers, to paper crafters, and so much more; the exciting new artists at the Artisan Markets are sure to dazzle you with one of a kind pieces. Mark your calendars because on December 13 the Artisan Christmas Markets will be launched at the ground floor of the Polish Club. Bring a car if you plan on doing all of your Christmas shopping there. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of free parking available.

Smile as your fashionista friends go “J’adore” when they unwrap original pieces and accessories from new local designers. Laugh at your lady’s squeals of delight when the most amazing jewelry pieces shine through opened boxes. Give your organic-obsessed colleague a present he’ll actually appreciate from the array of natural items and remedies available. Take your foodie friends to a gastronomic journey with the market’s wide selection of the best of homegrown culinary bites.

There’s something for everyone in the Artisan Christmas Markets. Give your loved ones unique and quality gifts for affordable prices, and support local artisans in the Artisan Christmas Markets.

For enquiries, email [email protected]

mummy tree markets

The Mummy Tree Markets

Masthead Way, Sanctuary Cove, Queensland 4212
December 13, 2014
9AM to 1PM

Looking for something chic, inspired, and unique for your little ones? Head out to Sanctuary Cove on the 13th, you’re sure to find something that’s just perfect for your favourite wide-eyed tiny tots.

Parent, grandparent, godparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, and everything in between; when you become someone important to someone’s life (especially to children), there’s a tendency to want to give only the best. When you start to notice that nearly everything in shopping centres and boutiques all look the same, you start to look elsewhere for presents. The same goes for when you actually begin to care about whether or not certain items are safe (especially for children) for use. Around the Gold Coast area, the Mummy Tree Markets is your best bet at finding the perfect gift for practically anyone this holiday season.

The Mummy Tree Markets in Sanctuary Cove features gorgeous, hand-made children’s items, and other impeccably-made gift items. You’ll find everything from children’s clothes, accessories, toys, and even a few things like ladies and mens fashion, pregnancy items, men’s tools, and home decor for your adult friends.

So this Christmas, find something unique, inspired, and handmade to gift to kids from 1 to 92. For more information, visit

Love Your Local Night Markets

Hawthorne Park, Hawthorne, Queensland 4171
December 19, 2014
4PM to 8:30PM

If you’re looking for a nice community vibe and an overall pleasant gift shopping experience, the Love Your Local Night Markets is definitely for you.

This holiday night market was designed to bring together communities and local businesses in a fun and relaxed event. This laid back night market has everything from fashion to gourmet food, to fresh produce, to pretty knick-knacks, to homeware, to health and wellness services, to kids stuff, to even items for pets. With such a wide selection of unique products to choose from, you’d need to roam the entire venue to really decide which ones you want to get as presents and which ones to buy for yourself. Whether you’re buying for your parents, siblings, friends, children, colleagues, or , your local designers, crafters, and vendors will have something for them to absolutely adore.

Aussie artisans know what Aussies want, and even if you’re gifting to someone who’s only Aussie by heart (or by association); there’s something for everyone to love in Love Your Local Night Markets. Head out to Hawthorne Park on the 19th, with your family, mates, and even your furry four legged friends for a great holiday shopping day.

Get affordable, quality products from your friendly and incredibly talented local artisans and vendors. Remember that supporting local products and artists not only helps in boosting the economy, but also helps with building strong communities and product innovation (through competition). So, escape the holiday chaos of the shopping centres, and have an easy but exciting shopping experience in the local markets.

Want to save more on just presents (and support local in the process) this holiday season? Book a Brisbane car hire from Alpha for a comfortable but affordable ride around the Queensland artisan markets. Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!