Manly Beach is known to host surfing events, as well as people coming to the area to surf. The Australian Open of Surfing is an annual event that caters to both men and women, and is one of the most celebrated events in Sydney. It attracts huge crowds – including surfing enthusiasts and professional surfers.

Manly Beach

The location, Manly Beach, is home to the first World Championship surfing event back in 1964. From then on, the beach continued to host a number of world-renowned surfing contests, including the Australian Open of Surfing.
The Events
However, the AOS doesn’t only feature surfing, as skateboarding and BMX events will also be held between February 25 – March 5, 2017. Vans and AOS partnered up to bring the 2017 Vans Park Series World Championships to Manly Beach. It will be the first stop to the world-renowned event, which is a great and exciting deal for everyone who loves skateboarding. The Vans Park Series World Tour will be featuring five Global Qualifier events in a span of six months.

Vans will also be bringing the BMX Pro Cup inaugural series to Manly Beach, where professional BMX riders will join the skaters and the surfers for more than a week this February. The Vans BMX Pro Cup will be opening its inaugural season in Sydney. The event and competitors will be touring in four locations globally.

The Music
Hermitude, an award-winning electronic band based in Sydney, will be headlining the first two free music concerts on AOS’ MTV Music Stage on the 4th and 5th of March. The band has a #1 Australian album, has seven ARIA award nominations, and performs at numerous festivals across Europe and North America. They are one of Australia’s most in-demand and well-renowned electronic bands to date. Electronic producer Elk Road will be opening the show for them.

A new addition to the AOS event is the Beach Club at Manly. This is in part of the Watsons Bay Boutique hotel, and will be operating for the entire event. They will put a pop-up which is set to feature large furniture umbrellas and sumptuous food. Attendees will be given the chance to order and taste the Beach Club’s thirst-quenching coconut cocktails, fresh seafood selections, fish and chips, and a whole lot more.

Other Activities
You can, of course, maximise your stay in Manly Beach by doing other activities and attending some of the events that will be held in the area. Try taking a ferry at Circular Quay near the Sydney Opera House. It will take you for a 30-minute trip across Sydney Harbour all the way to Manly Wharf. If you want to shop or just do fun window shopping, then take a walk from the wharf to the Corso, where you can see and experience a wide range of fun shops to buy stuff for yourself or for your loved ones at home.

If you’re up for the challenge, you can even try surfing! Head to the northern end of the beach all the way to Queenscliff headland. An offshore submerged reef or Borbora produces waves which surfers love. If you’re more into diving, snorkelling, barbecues, and picnics, then head on to Shelly Beach.

Don’t know where to stay when in Sydney? Here’s a list of hotels, hostels, and B&Bs to meet your needs. A car hire would be wise to look into as well, as the area can get packed when the event comes, and commuting can be a pain in the neck. Enjoy the beach and see you there soon!